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Land! at last!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 18, 2009 by Naveen Bagalkot

My eyes take a longer to focus, especially as I force them open in the mornings, than the average accepted time for human eyes. As they focused on the screen of my mobile phone, which I keep just about 5 centimeters away from my eyes before sleeping, the clock read 6:00 am! Why such a prelude to mention this? Because, me getting up at 6 am is like the sunflowers blooming at night, like Kolkotta Knight Riders winning IPL, like no mobile polyphonic ringing going on during a movie, like… okay, I guess you get the drift. (but just after two days of waking up at 6, my body settled down to its inertia so much so as to set me on a path to become a legend in the university history, which by the way calls for a separate story).

This is my first day and  I thought to walk up to the university, which according to my memory of the google map that I had seen in India should be about 2 kms from my home. I had also written down the walking instructions with the street names, hoping to ask people if I get lost. I set out after a breakfast of toast and eggs, with myself submerged in 2 sweaters over a pullover, over a tshirt, and of course my back pack. It was as if I was walking into the world of the 8 art movies from India, of absolute silence of 20 minutes between dialogue, a world of slow gray melancholy. The wind was cold and started seeping into my system, driving this melancholy deep within me, I could see the gray hollowness of my own existence and this got even more grayer with the fact of not having idlis, wada, sambar and the watery coconut chutney of the pervasive Bangalore darshinis.

I followed what seemed to be the shortest possible way to the university but soon realised that I had missed a turn. The seafarer in me told me not to worry, I knew the name of the street from where I coudl see the university, I just had to ask people how to get to that street. I met a man hurrying over and asked him how to go to ‘Amagerbroggade’. He seemed hit by a tornado, but recovered himself enough to run away. The same set of reactions followed , till I started showing people the written name of the street. Turned out that the ‘g’ in the first half, the ‘r’, are silent and the last ‘e’ has to be pronounced! As I finally saw the twin glass blocks of the university, after about an hour and half (it takes 25 mintues to walk from my room to the university now) of seafaring adventure gone horribly worng,  I just about shouted “land ahoy! land ahoy!”